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Our Story

Seventy years of sweetness

The Vio family has been working in Venice for over 40 years, making and selling a high quality selection of traditional sweets "Antichi Golosessi

Venexiani" since 1974. Giancarlo Vio, a sharp and tireless businessman, is a backbone of every initiative, while his daughters, Ornella and

Alessandra, astutely collaborate in all managerial matters. "Seventy years of sweetness" is the slogan that sums up the objectives and hard work

of this company, which has found the secret to success in its family unity. Giancarlo is a great worker,

Ornella and Alessandra are the future and ... "history continues"...


Giancarlo Vio

The TV program       Ricette All' Italiana      has dedicated an episode to the historic venues, including Marchini Time. We report this journey and growth path that led a closed room to become an important and renowned pastry shop. Giancarlo Vio briefly tells the story.



The Carnival

According to many interpretations, the word carnival derives from the Latin carnem levare ("to eliminate the flesh"), as it indicated the banquet held on the last day of Carnival (Fat Tuesday), just before the period of abstinence and fasting of Lent. Alternatively, it has been hypothesized that the term may have originated from the Latin expression carne levamen (having the similar meaning of "elimination of meat"), or from the word carnualia ("games campagnoli") or even from carrus navalis (" ship on wheels ", as an example of a carnival carriage).

The major festivities take place on Fat Thursday and Fat Tuesday, that is, the last Thursday and the last Tuesday before the beginning of Lent. In particular, Shrove Tuesday is the closing day of the carnival festivities, as Lent in the Roman rite begins with Ash Wednesday.