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  Andrea Gritti, seventy-seventh Doge de 'Veneziani, was born in April 1455. Descended from a distinguished Venetian family. He possessed various foreign languages, and those lights that made him a profound politician. He served his country with the council and with his arm, fighting against formidable enemies.
At the time of the League of Cambrai, he recovered Padua besieged by the arms of Maximilian emperor, using the stratagem of pushing some villagers with chariots of wheat into the city, behind which convoy broke out with his armies, and planted the Venetian flag on those towers: this was July 17, 1509.
Finally after several luminous actions the homeland wanted to pay so many blessings of the Gritti, and in the year 1523 on May 20 it elected him successor of the deceased doge Antonio Grimani.
He turned his eyes to things from within, and while exquisite buildings stood everywhere to decorate Venice, including the church of s. Young Elemosianario, and the palace called de'Camerlinghi in Rialto. Brief, however, was the joy of peace; that Suleiman II, at the instigation of France, in 1537 moved to 'damage of the Republic, but with no glory and less advantage, indeed if they had luminous successes, if the pusillanimity, or rather if the reported fellonìa of the Ligurian Andrea Doria, commander for Charles, had not put in place artifice reserves in avoiding the most favorable conspiracies to come to naval day.
Knowing the Republic how little it was to be trusted on the cooperation of the allies, remained the only one to fight with the Ottoman power, continued his defense plan, but willingly descended to the truce, which Suleiman himself inclined equally. The disputes were already about to be settled, when the Doge, who arrived at the age of 84, ceased to live on December 29, 1538.
He had a tomb in the temple of S. Francesco della Vigna.  

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Torta del doge
Torta del doge
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